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August Legacy: Railroad Man, Pierre Gagnon

August Legacy: Railroad Man, Pierre Gagnon
by Craig Siulinski

Lieutenant Adolphus Washington Greely Newburyport and Arctic Exploration

Lieutenant Adolphus Washington Greely  
The Greely Expedition English Subtitled Documentary

(March 27, 1844 – October 20, 1935) 
Born in Newburport Massachusetts
American Polar explorer
United States Army officer
Recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Disaster at Lady Franklin Bay US Naval Institute

Naval History Magazine - August 2010 Volume 24, Number 4

Sailing onward  article from Newburyport News Dyke Henderson

An all-day celebration including a parade, reception, and fireworks, welcomed Adolphus Greely back home to Newburyport after his Lady Franklin Bay Arctic expedition. Arches, bearing appropriate mottoes, were placed across State Street, Prospect Street, and in front of City hall. The arch at the top of State Street is shown in this photograph. Displayed on either side are the names of the two ships, Thetis and Bear, that rescued the expedition's survivors. - Courtesy photoNewburyport Daily News

From Custom House Maritime Museum Newburyport MA

Prospect Street Home where Adolphus was born

Alolophus with family 1887

78 High Street Newburyport  Land bought in 1807 by Anthony Davenport and the house built soon afterward, passing in 1838 to his daughter, Mrs. Samuel T. DeFord. It remained in this family until 1871 when bought by John A. Greeley, John Balch Greely and Frances Dunn Cobb and brother to Adolphus.

From History of Essex County Volume 2 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd

Lieutenant Adolphus Washington Greely a native of the city followed by the public reception which was accorded him. As heroic and daring as were the deeds of the sons of Newburyport during the Revolution and the War of 1842 none exceeded the exploits of this young man who illustrated by his patience his fidelity his indomitable courage in the frozen regions of the North the lines of the poet that Peace hath her victories No less renowned than war It is doubtful whether in all the trying scenes through which our country has passed of fire and battle and flood the hearts of the American people have been touched by a tenderer sympathy or a sweeter joy than the discovery of that little band heroic men of which he was the devoted leader their gallant rescue excited.

Adolphus Washington Greely was born in Newburyport March 27 1844.

His early education obtained at the public schools Though fond study and ambitious to receive a collegiate education he was precluded from his wished for career by circumstances which it was impossible for him to control and at the age of seventeen he entered as clerk jewelry store of Fairbanks & Paul in his native city and seemed likely to pursue the devious and uncertain path of a business life.

Six months later however war broke out and among the volunteers for years service he was one of the earliest to his name He enlisted as private in the Byfield Rangers who were afterwards assigned as Company B to the Nineteenth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers under the command of Colonel Edward W Hincks.

Having speedily reached the position orderly sergeant he felt that he was worthy of a commission He was as brave as the bravest and never thought of danger in the performance of his duty Though immersed in the surroundings of war life it is significant both of his literary taste and utter fearlessness that on one occasion when going into a battle he was more concerned about the fate a scrap cut from a newspaper laid aside to be read than about the dangers of the contest which he was about to enter.......

                     The Greely Expedition to the North Pole, 01 June 1822.

Naval History & Heritage Command - Commander Winfield Schley was put in charge of the 1884 Greely Relief Expedition, which the Secretary of the Navy wholeheartedly embraced as an opportunity to buttress the sea service's standing in the public eye.

The Crew Greely Expedition National Archives 


Discovery Harbour, Ellesmere Island, Quttinirpaaq National Park, Nunavut, Canada, skinning a seal. [Greely Expedition Photograph]
Lt. Edward Israel, from Greely Expedition photo, 1881.

From James Booth Lockwood (1852 -1884)

"The Greeley Arctic Exploration Exhibit, Government Building World's Fair, Chicago, USA"

From Greely Expedition Survivors (cabinet card photograph) contributed by: Samuel B Sharpe

Great Anxiety for the Explorers-Their Chances of Obtaining Provisions

Arrival of the Arctic Heroes at Portsmouth, N. H. Extremely touching meeting, after the long separation, between Lieutenant Greely and his loving wife.

The Greely Arctic Expedition as Fully Narrated by Lieut. Greely and Other Survivors: Commander Schley's Report. Wonderful Discoveries by Lieut. Greeley and His Little Band of Heroes 

The Greely Arctic expedition as fully narrated by Lieut. Greely, U.S.A., and other survivors. Full account of the terrible sufferings on the ice
Chances for Arctic Survival: Greely's Expedition Revisited
Elisha Kent Kane Historical SocietyAbandoned: The Story of the Greely Arctic Expedition 1881-1884
The Biggest Chill
William Henry Whistler and the Lady Franklin Bay (Greely) Expedition, 1881-1884: Published Accounts and Transcriptions of Whistler's Writings

Ghosts of Cape Sabine: The Harrowing True Story of the Greely Expedition
Fire & Ice: Adolphus W. Greely  
USNS General A.W. Greely
The Adolphus W. Greely Papers
Greely Expedition BS Series 

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National Convention of the Daughters of the Revolution Glen Watkins, NY 1929

From DOR Josiah Bartlett Chapter at the Macy Colby House

Mrs Hoskings ( Nancy Keffer) Mrs D Englar (Ethel Miller) Mrs Montfort (????)
Mrs Mills (Cora Bowman) Mrs Bell (Lucy Winton) Mrs Ihlseng (Susanne M. Reston) Mrs Fernald (Eva Woolston Nunn) Mrs Kent (Louise Leonard) Mrs Grant (Jeannie L. Dolley)

If you have any information on these ladies please post and looking for Mrs George Montfort or maybe spelled Monfort. Thanks!

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Lynn MA Photos Mansfield House & Gray House

From DAR Files at the Macy Colby House

Top Mansfield House Rt One Boston Street Lynn, MA owned by Samuel Mansfield Bottom Billy Gray House Lynn, MA

From History of Lynn and Nahant Soldiers of the Revolution List

On the 17th of June 1776 was fought the memorable battle of Bunker Hill The Lynn regiment was commanded by Colonel John Mansfield The English in this battle lost two hundred and twenty six men killed and the Americans one hundred and thirty nine. Also see Sons of Revolution List

Lynn in the Revolution by Lynn Public Library Transcribed by Shaun Cook

MANSFIELD, SAMUEL, - son of Ebenezer, was born in Lynn, April 30, 1758; married March 26, 1789, Mary Rhodes, daughter of Ignatius and Sarah (Merriam) Rhodes, born August 24, 1764. She had four brothers in the Revolution. He died November 18,1837, and his widow, who died May 17, 1842, was pensioned at the rate of $33.33 per year. He had been pensioned previously, on the 14th of August, 1832, when he appeared (at the age of seventy-four) and deposed that in September, 1775, he enlisted in Captain King's company for seacoast defence; in 1777 he served two months in September and October, guarding stores; was in service in Boston when Burgoyne surrendered, and he joined in the general rejoicings. He remembered standing sentinel at the quarters of General Heath, in Boston, at that time. He served two months in Rhode Island in 1778, under Captain Cox and Harris Chadwell, and was with the boats which brought off the Americans under General Sullivan. He said that the first night the provisions were carried to Tiverton, and the next night the troops were landed by the boats; that all was haste and bustle; but that he saw General Lafayette he had no doubt. Henry Hallowell and Harris Chadwell testified to the truth of his statements. He was pensioned from March 4, 1831, at $33.33 per year, with $49.49 back pay. The aged William Hudson, living in 1903, remembered Samuel Mansfield well, and said that he was a tailor who lived for many years in the old house opposite the Lynn Hospital, now known as the Reynolds house. His shop was near the corner of North Franklin and Boston Streets, and across the street was the home of Captain William Farrington. The frame of the Mansfield house was being raised on the morning of the battle of Lexington, and Ebenezer, the owner, father of Samuel, was a corporal in Captain Ezra Newhall's company, and marched away, with most of his neighbors, on the alarm. Samuel, although he did not go with his father, remembered and often related to Mr. Hudson the fact of seeing the Danvers men come over the old Boston road on the way to the fight, and that he particularly noticed the peculiar stockings of one of the men. This man was one of those slain that day, and Samuel Mansfield saw him with four others brought back over the road in a cart.
     The house which became Samuel Mansfield's home was finally sold, and he moved into the old house still standing just beyond, to the east, and in the latter house he died. Mr. Hudson spent the last night with him before his death. Samuel Mansfield was a tall, very plain, even homely man, with face smooth-shaven and in his later years wrin­kled with age. His hair was invariably worn in a queue. One of his fingers became stiff in later life, and Mr. Hudson said that it was painful to see the old man try to sew with his finger out straight. He finally gave up his work as a tailor, and earned a small pittance at the popular trade of shoemaking.
More Sources  Mansfield Genealogy: Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Mansfield and Sons Andrew and Joseph who Came to Lynn, 1639-1640 : the Name May Appear as Mansfeald, Mansfeild, Mansfeil, Mansfilld

William Gray

See William Gray of Lynn, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants 
William Gray, of Salem, merchant : a biographical sketch

Elizabeth Chipman Gray

DOR Third Plantation Chapter Lynn MA 1929

From Macy Colby House DOR Files The Scrapbooks are loaded with Memories

DOR Tdesesco Country Club in Swampscott, MA Bottom L to R Mrs Lillebridge King Blood (Jennie Elvira Clapp Blood), Sarah Weld Smith, Miss Adelaide S Sterling, Mrs Susan M Plummer, Upper L to R Mrs Kate M. Bruce, Miss Helen A Dole, Miss Caroline Heath, Miss Harriet Boone.
Mrs Blood and Mrs Lynn both lived in Lynn, MA


Stage Coach Tercentenary Parade Chapter of Third Plantation Daughters of Revolution Lynn, MA July 1929 Driver Mrs Stanton, Mrs Plummer, Mrs Todd, Mrs Burdette, Float made and decorated by Chapter of Third Plantation DOR planned by Regent Maude E Burdette June 1929.