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Photo Anna Bartlett Seavey views First Trolley to come through Salisbury Massachusetts

Mary Anna Bartlett born October 1882 d. of Anthony Willis Bartlett and Mary Abbie Morrill of Salisbury, Massachusetts. She was known as "Anna" married George Seavey (1875-1943) son of Charles Seavey and Hattie S. I. McDaniel. Anna died February 7, 1919 (See Death Certificate below) 

A photo of Anna watching the first trolley come through Salisbury, Massachusetts. Thanks to Donna Bartlett of Bartletts Farm for this photo.

According to the Amesbury City Site:  

Amesbury and Newburyport have been closely connected from the earliest days of the settlements and the earliest street railroads were between the two towns with horse drawn cars. Newburyport Car Company, in 1886, was the first to build cars for the its line to Amesbury. Ellis Car Co. started in 1889 and Briggs Car Co. followed in 1890. Both of these were in Amesbury. All three companies had cars running on the same lines and built cars for other railways throughout the country.

The railways that are featured here encompasses the Merrimac Valley and the towns of Exeter and Hampton New Hampshire that had connections to Amesbury. They were very small and connected to each other so as to complete longer lines. The Plum Island Railway ran from one end Northern Boulevard to end of Southern Boulevard, Black Rock and Salisbury Beach Railway first ran from Black Rock on the southern end to the Seabrook Line on the northern end. Later it was extended to the Hampton River; The Newburyport & Amesbury Railway ran from the center of Plum Island to Market Square in Amesbury via the Chain Bridge and Main Street with a line from Amesbury to Merrimac via River Road to Merrimacport and on to Merrimac Center. Exeter, Hampton, and Amesbury Railway was from Exeter to Hampton Beach Casino with a line from Smithtown in Seabrook to Market Square in Amesbury. All of these became a part of the history of trolley cars in Amesbury.

There were five trolley railways plus the B. M. Railroad, connected to Amesbury: Newburyport and Amesbury, Haverhill and Amesbury; Hampton and Amesbury, Haverhill, Plaistow, and Newton, and Exeter, Hampton, & Amesbury. This is the reason why it was called THE HUB. All trolley travelers West and North of Amesbury wanting to travel to the Seacoast had to come through Amesbury. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

New Book on Harbor Range Lights of Newburyport Massachusetts by historians Skip and Marge Motes

Photo from book cover: Forward range light on Deford's wharf seen from railroad trestle, circa 1873.

THE HARBOR RANGE LIGHTS, located in Newburyport’s Historic District and on the National Register of Historic Places, have been prominent on the Newburyport waterfront for nearly 150 years. They were first lit May 27, 1873, with “such great brilliancy as to be seen distinctly ten to twelve miles at sea.” But their story had yet to be told. 

Drawing on primary sources and the rich photographic resources of the waterfront, local historians “Skip” and Marge Motes, have written a comprehensive history of the harbor range lights and their place in Newburyport’s maritime heritage. Their story is illustrated with over forty photographs and maps chronicling the decline of Newburyport through the Great Depression into the 1960s, and then the optimism of renewal and growth to the present. The book takes the reader on a unique journey from 1873 to the present. The Motes have proved conclusively that the forward range light was never moved from its original 1873 location, contrary to published claims.

Also, for Genealogy, History Buffs, and Researchers the book is loaded with detailed information on the local families and their ties to the Port. Ship photos and the legend of the old maritime days. The Coast Guard, light house keepers, and businesses on the wharf. Photographers who preserved this rich history are all in the book. Here are some mentions: 
  • Benjamin Butler 
  • George Stickney
  • Mayor Albert Currier
  • Charles M Bayley
  • George Cashman
  • Daniel Ingalls Tenney
  • Ship Whittier
  • Selwyn Reed 
  • Victor Manufacturing Company
  • Samuel Deford
  • Ezra B Chase
  • Robert Bayley
  • Sumner, Swazey, & Currier
  • W. H. Lincoln Ship
  • Tennyson Ship 
  • Albert Currier
  • Coffin's Wharf
  • America yacht 
  • Colonel J. C. Duane
  • Edward Lameyer schooner 
  • Cushings Wharf 
  • Towle Manufacturing Company 
  • Henry Coit Perkins 
Harvard Book Store 
Jabberwocky in Newburyport
Newburyport Custom House Maritime Museum 
has the book and a copy is at the Archival Center located at Newburyport Public Library

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Henry Wood and the Girouard Family of Leominster Massachusetts

Currently working on the Hart Line and descendants of Isaac Hart. This is a branch of Carolyn Hart Wood's line. Her grandfather, Henry Wood married Marie Anne Girouard.Below is a photo of Girouard ladies Claire and Malvina. Any information please post. Thank You! 

Henry Wood (above) was born on September 23, 1901, in Spencer, Massachusetts, s. of Patrick Wood and Emma Paul. He had one son with Marie "Annie" Girouard (above) d. of Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard. Henry died on December 8, 1966, in Leominster, Massachusetts, at the age of 65. Below a photo of Annie and Henry's store on variety/ luncheonette on Mechanic Street in Leominster Ma. Henry, Annie, and Henry, JR. working at Henry's Variety.  Photos below of Henry Wood, JR in Air Force and Stevens'College. Henry Wood Jr was born on April 9, 1931, in Newark, New Jersey. He was veteran of the Korean War, serving mostly overseas with the US Air Force. Henry JR. married Elizabeth Hart Marlowe d. of William J Marlowe and Grace Hart.

(Marie) Annie Girouard of Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard born on April 2, 1901, in New Brunswick. Wife of Henry Wood. 

Emma Paul d. of Daniel Paul and Sophie Collette born in Spencer, Massachusetts. Mother of Henry Wood, SR. Wife of Patrick J Wood. 

Patrick J Wood s. of Patrick Wood and Mary Knight b. March 17, 1868, in Salem, Massachusetts. M. Emma Paul on June 26, 1893, in Spencer, Massachusetts

The Girouard Brothers Louis, Edmond, Albert, Phil,and Benoni all born to Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard.

Malvina Girouard born on January 20, 1892, in Kent, New Brunswick d. of Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard

Claire Girouard d. of of Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard born November 9, 1887 

Emilia Girouard and brother Hector Girouard. Hector was born on September 19, 1896, in Kent, New Brunswick, s. of Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard. He had five brothers and five sisters. He died in 1918 in Leominster, Massachusetts, at the age of 22.

Marie Blanche Girouard born September 21, 1861, in Kent, New Brunswick, d. of Louis Jean Girouard and Euphemie Jaillet, was 16. She married Nazaire on November 9, 1895, in Kent, New Brunswick. They had 11 children in 19 years. She died on February 19, 1955, in Leominster, Massachusetts, at the age of 93. Below is a group family photo of Girouard Clan

Albert Girouard and sons Norman and Albert, JR. Albert was born on February 14, 1889, in Kent, New Brunswick s. of Nazaire Girouard and Marie Blanche Girouard. Albert married Amanda LaLonde d. of Stanislas Lalonde and Henriette Beauchamp. 

Amanda LaLonde, wife of Albert Girouard born in 1894 in Michigan. Mother to Norman Girouard b. on January 6, 1919, in Leominster, Massachusetts and d. on July 8, 2002, in his hometown, at the age of 83. Mother to Albert Girouard, JR b. on October 10, 1920 in Leominster, Massachusetts and d. January 3, 2015 in Epoch Senior Healthcare Center of Brewster, Massachusetts. He was 94.

Henriette LaLonde (Beauchamp/Archambault) sitting in middle, Second husband Stanislas in back on left and son Edward on back right.

Stanislas LaLonde with wife Henriette Beauchamp/Archambeault/LaLonde and their daughter Emile (the youngest child). Back; Milleneau, Edward, Elida, Joseph all Archambaults. Front: Vicgtoria (on left) and Albina (midle girl) both Archambault's.

Stanislas LaLonde and Henriette Beauchamp LaLonde taken before 1920.

Henriette Beauchamp Lalonde with her daughter Milleneau LaLonde Archambault

The Girouard Sisters Annie, Rose, Aline, and Malvina. Probably taken in Lemonister. 

Vitaline, Josephine, and Marie Blanche Girouard and below Sister Vitaline Girouard in her official church position.

Group Photo above of Girouard and Wood Family and one below of the the Henry and Annie Wood with other Family members in Canada. 

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George Warren Geary of Newburport

Looking for more info on George W Geary and Family Especially Geary, JR career on State Police Any photos or information would be appreciated Thanks 

George Warren Geary was born in 1834 in Hudson, New York son of George W. Geary and Susan C Horn of Haverhill. Married June 3, 1837. Came to Newburyport
Son George W. Geary enlisted in the United States Marines in 1857 and re-enlisted in 1859. In the 1857 Muster of Marines he was a Corporal in Boston. In the 1860 Census he was living in Charlestown and listed his occupation as “Corporal of Marines.” In 1860 he was assigned aboard the USS Ohio and in 1864 he was living in Newburyport and filed his intentions to marry: “George W. Geary of Newburyport has manifested his intention of marriage with Jane B. Loring of Charlestown.” On June 9, 1864 George W. Geary married Jane Betsey Loring d. of John Hayes Loring and Betsey Lindsey of Yarmouth, Maine in Charlestown.   

In the 1865 Census they were living in Haverhill and both were employed as “Stiches.” In January 1870 he was appointed “City Marshal in Haverhill, and in the 1870 Census George and Jane were living in Haverhill and he listed his occupation as “City Marshal.” In 1870, Haverhill Constable Edward Howe arrested two brothers for a serious stabbing. On the following day, City Marshal Geary took the two suspects to the victim’s bedside where they were both identified. In 1873, while living in Haverhill, Massachusetts State Police Chief Constable George Washington Boynton of Georgetown appointed George Geary as a state police deputy constable for Berkshire County and assigned primarily to North Adams. Haverhill Constable Edward Howe was also appointed as a state police deputy constable in 1873 and he would later be appointed City Marshal in Haverhill in 1876. Constable Geary was on the state police roster in 1874 and 1875 and was active in alcohol seizures in Berkshire County. In the 1880 Census he was living in Henry, Sussex County, Virginia. In the 1910 Census George and Jane were living in Pleasant Hill Township, North Carolina. (Family (Manual for the General Court) (Springfield Republican – May14, 1874) ( (Photo Courtesy of Captain Robert Pistone Haverhill Police Department – City Marshall George W. Geary top left in photo) (Salem Register – September 1, 1870) Brother Amos Horn Geary Born at Newburyport, Aug. 12th, 1839. Enlis. at Newburyport, mus. Aug. 11th, 1862, Priv. Co. B, 35th Reg. Mass. Inft., for 3 yrs. Disch. for disab. Dec. 21st, 1862. (See Naval Record.) Died at Newburyport, Jan. 3d, 1899, bur. Oak Hill. From The City of Newburyport in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865--George William Creasey

United States Marines on Guard Duty circa 1860

ADS for George W Geary in Newburyport, Massachusetts 

 OBIT Thursday, July 13, 1876 Boston Journal (Boston, Massachusetts) 

Massachusetts Reports, Volumes 109-110
The Grafters of America: Who They are and how They Work Clifton Rodman Wooldridge
Loring genealogy C.H. Pope