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Amesbury Carriage Museum annual Meeting and Presentation Dinner Sept. 17 2015

AMESBURY — The Amesbury Carriage Museum will hold its annual meeting on Sept. 17 from 6-8 p.m. in the Costello Transportation Center, 68 Elm St.
The evening will include a dinner catered by Phat Cats Bistro and “An Architectural Survey of Amesbury at the Height of the Carriage Industry,” a presentation by Jay S. Williamson.
In the late 1800s burgeoning wealth from the booming carriage industry gave birth to an upwardly mobile middle class in Amesbury. This class could now afford horses and carriages of their own, a luxury almost unheard of 100 years prior. Williamson will lead a virtual tour of the development of Amesbury’s highlands shortly after the Civil War during the heyday of carriage manufacturing by highlighting the era’s outbuildings, carriage houses and landscaping.

Williamson is an Amesbury resident and longstanding Historical Commission member as well as the former curator of the Historical Society of Old Newbury (1997-2014). He is also a dealer of American and European fine art and antiques, buying and selling for over 25 years throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. His great-grandfather, Edwin Irving Colby, was a carriage trimmer at Biddle & Smart in Amesbury.
Cost of tickets is $30 and can be purchased on or before Sept. 11 by sending a check payable to Amesbury Carriage Museum to P.O. Box 252, Amesbury MA 01913. If you have further questions email Peter Hoyt at

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Carriage article from Newburyport News Booming carriage industry brought Amesbury prominence

Mayflower Pilgrims were Educated Men

For a PDF version to enlarge please send me an email

Copyright, 1904, by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthCaptain Miles Standish

Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthThe Site of the Old Fort, Burial Hill, Plymouth

Copyright, 1904, by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthElder William Brewster

Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthFirst Church, Plymouth
The entrance to Burial Hill is shown on the Right

Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthThe Pilgrim Fathers' Memorial, Plymouth
Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthGovernor Carver's Chair and Ancient Spinning Wheel
Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthThe Grave of John Howland
Photograph by A. S. Burbank, PlymouthGovernor Edward Winslow
The only authentic Portrait of a Mayflower Pilgrim
All Photos came from Project Gutenberg The Romantic Story of the Mayflower Pilgrims, Albert Christopher Addison

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Tennessean Denied 1815 Paternity Claim

On 22 June 1815, a single woman named Eve G'Fellows, of Washington County, Tennessee, made an oath before two justices of the peace and claimed....Click link Read More - fingerpointed

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Private James Marino POW Germany

From News Archives June 27 1945 First class Private James F Marino Army, Infantry Branch Immaterial Infantry Division Band Dental Co